The 2015 Ecurie


It’s never easy to pick the best cars out of an entire year of auto-obsessing.  There are different criteria and often, it’s a matter of emotional resonance rather than sheer beauty or provenance. A winning car is a prized possession, but so is a good story. A WWII-era Maserati with its booming engine note and red Italian flare. Some cars stop me because of the driver; how can you look at Francois Cevert’s Tyrrell (below), and not feel the sadness of his untimely death? Pay close attention to the Ferrari 500 Mondial (below) and you can almost feel Enzo Ferrari’s presence. This is a car that was produced in his lifetime, with a history dating back to the Eisenhower Era.  What about a car raced by James Hunt, the dashing and doomed playboy who won the 1976 championship?  This is why I write about and photograph vintage race cars; because there are stories locked inside that chassis.


Maserati4CL Ferrari500





SF Alfa Hesketh Surtees wing